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What flood zone am I in?

Below are three major categories of flood zones. However, A & V zones have several subcategories. To get the specifics on what flood zone you live in, call your independent agent or contact us today.

A zones are usually located near a river, lake or stream - making them the second highest risk zone. Average premium is around $500 annually.

V zones are usually located near the ocean. This makes them particularly vulnerable to storm surges (flooding caused by hurricanes). V Zones represent the areas at highest risk, and premiums in this zone are the most expensive. Average premium is around $1,000 annually.

B, C, X, and A99 zones are less prone to flooding. Depending on your area, you may qualify for a Preferred Risk Policy and pay as little as $119 per year. Remember that almost 25% of all flood claims come from these "low-risk" zones




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